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I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Ryerson University, and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Previously, I was a Research Fellow in the School of Philosophy at Australian National University.

I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, and my BA in philosophy at Kansas State University.

My primary research is in epistemology, much of it falling at the intersection between formal and traditional epistemology. Recently, my research has focused on the relationship between belief and credence. I defend and explore implications of dualism about belief and credence. Dualism is the view that we have both beliefs and credences, and neither attitude is reducible to the other. My interests in epistemology also include (defending) epistemic permissivism, (arguing against) pragmatic and moral encroachment, and other issues in social epistemology (e.g. disagreement, epistemic paternalism).

My secondary research interests are in philosophy of mind, specifically the nature of belief, and philosophy of religion, specifically Pascal’s Wager and the nature of faith. I have further interest in decision theory, ethics and normativity, and metaphysics.

My non-philosophical interests include sports (especially basketball), traveling, avocados, coffee, weight lifting, cooking, and podcasts.

My Curriculum Vitae

Recent and Upcoming Talks


“How Low Can You Go? Belief, Credence, and Philosophical Views” (Eastern APA, Symposium on Belief and Credence, January 2021, via Zoom) (Handout) (Video)

“Should You Believe in God?” (Biola University, Talbot Speaker Series, March 2021, via Zoom) (Slides) (Video)

“Faithfully Taking Pascal’s Wager” (Pacific APA, Society of Christian Philosophers, April 2021, via Zoom) (Handout)

“The Axiology of Theism and the Rationality of Faith” (Tyndale Philosophy of Religion Conference, June 2021, via Zoom)

TBD (Lisbon LanCog Research Group, June 2021, via Zoom)

“The Epistemic Axiology of Theism” (Ryerson Philosophy-of-Religion Mini-Conference on the Axiology of Theism, June 2021, via Zoom)

TBD (Colloquium at Goethe University Frankfurt, July 2021, via Zoom)

“Explaining Evil and Pragmatic Belief” (Capturing Christianity Conference, Houston, TX, August 2021)

“How Low Can You Go? Belief, Credence, and Philosophical Views” (New Mexico State University, Fall 2021)

TBD (Philosophy of Religion workshop at the Universidad Alberto Hurtado in Chile, September 2021)

“Interpersonal Faith and Self-Fulfilling Beliefs” (Inaugural Princeton Project in Philosophy and Religion Conference, September 2021)

TBD (Midwest Epistemology Workshop at the University of Iowa, October 2021)


TBD (Central APA, Symposium on Belief and Credence, Chicago, February 2022)

“Credal Functionalism” with Justin D’Ambrosio (University of Leeds, TBD, Postponed due to COVID-19)

“Epistemic Risk” (Workshop on Risk at Zhejiang University, Date TBD, Postponed due to COVID-19)

TBD (Wuhan University, Date TBD, Postponed due to COVID-19)


lizjackson111 [at] gmail.com

Ryerson University, Department of Philosophy
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3, Canada

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