Teaching / Service


Teaching is a passion of mine.  As an undergraduate, I fell in love with philosophy, and I instill this same passion for philosophy into my students.  My simple, twofold goal for my students is to make philosophy interesting and clear.  I simulate student interest by creating interfaces between the philosophical arguments and what students already care about, such as social, political, and pop cultural issues. I promote clarity by emphasizing simple deductive arguments in classroom discussions and assignments.  As a teacher of philosophy, I continually self-assess and strive to improve my pedagogical methods.  For more on my teaching philosophy, my teaching statement is available here.

Courses Taught:

Social Philosophy, Fall 2017 (Primary Instructor)

Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2016 (TA for Jeff Speaks)

Prospective Courses: 

(Syllabus: Introduction to Philosophy)

(Syllabus: Lower-level Logic)

(Syllabus: Lower-level Medical Ethics)

(Syllabus: Lower-level Philosophy of Religion)

(Syllabus: Mid-level Philosophy of Mind)

(Syllabus: Mid-level Metaphysics)

(Syllabus: Upper-level Epistemology)


I am one of the organizers of the Notre Dame Epistemology Reading Group (with Paul Blaschko). We love having guest speakers present their work.  If you’re interested in speaking to our group, email me!

I have been a part of planning the Notre Dame/Northwestern Graduate Epistemology Conference the past few years. This year, the conference will be held at Notre Dame on April 26-27, 2019; the keynote speaker is Jason Stanley.

I’ve also been involved in Notre Dame’s Center for Philosophy of Religion, and worked for them as a graduate assistant in 2015-2016.

Finally, I enjoy being a part of department activities, like prospective student weekend.