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Teaching is a passion of mine.  As an undergraduate, I fell in love with philosophy, and I instill this same passion for philosophy into my students.  My simple, twofold goal for my students is to make philosophy interesting and clear.  I simulate student interest by creating interfaces between the philosophical arguments and what students already care about, such as social, political, and pop cultural issues. I promote clarity by emphasizing simple deductive arguments in classroom discussions and assignments.  As a teacher of philosophy, I continually self-assess and strive to improve my pedagogical methods.

Current Courses
  • Knowledge, Truth, and Belief: Ryerson University, Fall 2020 (500-level)
    • Syllabus
Future Courses
  • Critical Thinking: Ryerson University, Spring 2020 (100-level, 2 sections)
Past Courses
  • Permissivism and Disagreement: Australian National University, Spring 2020 (Graduate Foundations Seminar)
  • Social Philosophy: Notre Dame, Fall 2017 (200-level)
    • Syllabus
  • Introduction to Philosophy: Notre Dame, Fall 2016 (100-level; TA for Jeff Speaks)
Prospective Courses


Together with other philosophers, I organize the Junior Workshop in Philosophy of Religion. We hosted our second annual meeting in March 2020, after the Central APA. The program is available here.

I am also organizing a workshop on “Ethics, Risk, and Belief.” The workshop will take place on August 3-4, 2020, at Australian National University in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Stay tuned for a list of speakers and schedule. All are welcome!

  • UPDATE: Unfortunately, the workshop has been postponed due to COVID-19. Please check back later for information about rescheduling.

I wrote a list of some tips for succeeding in grad school in philosophy. You can download it as a PDF here, and see it as a webpage here, and view it on Philosopher’s Cocoon here.