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Courses Taught:

Social Philosophy, Fall 2017 (Primary Instructor)

Course Description: Humans are social creatures. Social phenomena, such as gender, race, sports teams, music groups, faith, testimony, charity, refugees, pornography are all around us and are a large part of how we understand the world and each other. Social philosophy is the systematic study of philosophical questions that bear on social phenomena, such as the above. While these social phenomena are a significant part of our lives and the world around us, philosophers have devoted less attention to them than to other domains that describe the world. But we cannot know what the world is like without also diving into questions about what the social world is like. The aim of this class is to help students do just that.

Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2016 (TA for Jeff Speaks)

Sample Syllabi: [lower level medical ethics] [lower level philosophy of religion] [upper level epistemology]

Teaching Statement: [available here]


I am one of the organizers of the Notre Dame Epistemology Reading Group (with Paul Blaschko). We love having guest speakers present their work.  If you’re interested in speaking to our group, email me!

I have been a part of planning the Notre Dame/Northwestern Graduate Epistemology Conference the past few years. This year, the conference will be held at Northwestern University in Chicago on April 27-28 2018; our keynote speaker is Jane Friedman. For more information about this year’s conference, check out our phil events page. The 2018 conference schedule is now available here!

I’ve also been involved in Notre Dame’s Center for Philosophy of Religion, and worked for them as a graduate assistant in 2015-2016.

Finally, I enjoy being a part of department activities, like prospective student weekend.